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Walk-In Tubs in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

Offering the industry's lowest step-in, Hydro Jet Walk-In Tub Co. is a family owned and operated company providing high-quality walk-in tubs that make it easier and safer for you and your loved ones to get in and out of the bath. Using a frameless design, our tubs are manufactured with a step-in of no more than 2 inches, which allows easier access to the tub and decreases the chance of slip and falls as the user attempts to step in and out. While most tubs are manufactured with a step-in of 4-9 inches, this higher step-in is often difficult to overcome for the elderly and for those who have difficulties walking on their own. Our tubs simplify bathing and come with a number of hydrotherapy features that make the bathing experience more comfortable and beneficial to the tub user.
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Featuring chromotherapy lights, water jets, and other advantages, our tubs promote increased hygiene and help to keep the user relaxed. The easy-to-use control panel allows the user to manipulate the jets and other advanced features without stepping out of the tub, meaning users can make adjustments to suit their comfort level without increasing the chance of slip and falls.
Hydro Jet Walk-In Tub Co. has served Dallas and Fort Worth, TX with safe, well-built walk-in tubs for many years. Our tubs are produced in Georgia from quality materials made right here in the United States. Nothing is imported or brought in from overseas and our tubs are "Made In the USA" certified. Every component of our tub is backed by our lifetime warranty, so you can be sure of the quality of your investment and rest easy knowing that your tub, and its features, will remain in excellent working condition.
If you or a loved one is in need of a safe walk-in tub at a reasonable price, call Hydro Jet Walk-In Tub Co. today at (817) 733-0026 and speak to Randy. We'll help you through the process of purchasing a walk-in bath tub, from the design to the installation and beyond.
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