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Walk-In Bath Tubs in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

At Hydro Jet Walk-In Tub Co., our goal is to make sure customers receive the safest and highest quality walk-in bath tubs in the industry. Our tubs feature the lowest step-in available and we offer a number of therapeutic features that can make bathing a more relaxing and enjoyable experience for the tub user. Special tub features include hydrotherapy water and jets, aromatherapy fragrance canisters and more. Our tubs are manufactured in Georgia using quality materials made right here in the United States and they are certified "Made In The U.S.A". We provide tubs for customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well as the entire country.

You may have questions about our tubs and their features. The answers to some of your questions may be found below, but for further information, don't hesitate to give us a call now at (817) 733-0026.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use your walk in tub as if it were a shower? We have a household of three, and two of us would like to have the function of a shower.

A. Absolutely. Our standard walk in tubs come with a built in shower wand. You can also add a riser bar to allow the shower wand to slide up and down for height adjustment. This allows you the convenience of a walk in shower.

Q. Is my hot water heater sufficient to handle the volume of hot water required to fill your walk in bathtub? My current water heater is a 40 gallon heater.

A. We recommend a minimum of a 40 gallon hot water heater. Our walk in tubs hold 47 gallons of water with nobody in them. A 10 minute shower uses 40-50 gallons of water. If you can take a 10 minute shower without running out of hot water, your hot water heater is probably sufficient.

Q. Is your walk in tub made fully in America or is it just assembled in the USA? I ask because when I called one of your competitors I later found out their motor was not made in the USA. Another one of your competitors pretty much had the same story. I would like to know if your “made in the USA” claim is truly one hundred percent made in the USA. This is important to me because I am a Veteran and from what I hear, walk in tubs for Veterans is something I can benefit from.

A. One of the most significant differences between us and our competition is that we are certified made in the USA. We went through rigorous testing to achieve the ability to proudly display that distinction on our walk-in tubs. Many of our competitors claim to be made in the USA when they are only assembled here. This is a major red flag. Buyer Beware! You can see our official certification stamp on our website. We also have a video which shows about the process for the certification. Also, thank you for your service. We are Veteran owned as well. Walk in tubs for veterans can be a great benefit to take advantage of.

Q. I have severe vertigo that makes me fearful to stand in my regular shower. Can I get grab bars or safety bars to help me getting in and out of your tub?

A. We normally recommend up to two (2) 24-inch safety grab bars in for increased stability. On the day you receive your delivery, our certified installer can position the safety bars exactly where you will benefit the most. Feel free to ask them any questions during installation.

Q. I have been comparing different brands. I have noticed some brands are made with fiberglass and some are made of acrylic. Why do you make your product line with fiberglass?

A. Fiberglass is considerably stronger than acrylic. Fiberglass is much easier to repair than acrylic as well. As a side note, boats are made of fiberglass because they are exposed to water and outside elements. We use a marine grade finish in our entire product line.

Q. Can I customize my walk in tub for my needs? I don't want to pay for what I don't need.

A. Absolutely. Many of our competitors require you to get a fully loaded walk in tub that in many cases does not address your specific needs. With us, we feel you should have a walk-in tub to fit your specific needs. As a result, we do not have a warehouse full of walk in tubs manufactured in advance. We custom build to your specifications with only the features you choose.

Q. Does your installation include electrical hookup?

A. Yes, if you use our factory trained installers. We do not have any fine print like some walk in tub businesses that charge an extra $1,200-$1,500 for the electrical hookup. Our installation includes the removal and haul off of your old bathtub, complete installation and fill up of your new walk in tub, and cleanup. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Q. I have called several other places and they will not give me a price over the phone. Instead, they want to send one of their representatives to my home. This makes me uncomfortable. Can you provide me complete pricing over the telephone?

A. Yes. We are so confident that our walk-in tubs are the best on the market, we encourage you to shop around before calling us to see for yourself how our walk-in tubs Company is the best buy for you. We will even give you a 30 day “double the difference” back in cash if you can find a walk-in tub of the same quality with the same warranties and features for less cost.

Q. Can your walk in tubs be hard wired into a GFI plug in my bathroom rather than installing its own breaker switch?

A. Many walk in tub installers do exactly that. We consider that to be a dangerous proposition. Instead, we create an independent breaker for our walk in tubs. Your safety is of utmost importance to us. It does cost us more to install this way, but our customers safety is our concern.

Q. I'm moving from Texas to a different state. Can I still get one of your walk in tubs installed or do I need someone local.

A. Our walk in tub company can sell you a walk in tub anywhere in the continental United States. We have certified factory installers all throughout the country.

Q. Does a salesperson have to come to my house?

A. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Our walk in tubs sell themselves. We don't need gimmicks or sales people to market our walk-in tubs. That is one of the ways we keep our pricing down. No commission to salespeople. Once people experience the difference our walk-in tubs offer they usually tell a few friends about us. Our satisfied customers are our best advertising.

Q. Why do so many walk-in tub manufacturers require you to take the accessories even if you don't want or need them?

A. Simply put, most manufacturers have a “one walk in tub fits all” mentality. They mass produce walk in tubs and then send a high commission salesperson to your house who will spend 2-3 hours selling you unnecessary options in order to justify the high price. We simply disagree with that mindset. Your needs are what is important to us. We literally spend more time telling you what you don't need, and why. We focus on your individual needs and customize our walk in tubs accordingly. We respect our customers.

Q. What makes your Lifetime Warranty better than others I have seen?

A. With our jetted walk-in tubs, our warranty is for the “Lifetime” on all components including the shell.

Q. Can we get a “plain” soaker walk in bath without any bells and whistles?

A. Yes you can. However, I would want you to know the many therapeutic benefits you would not receive by only having a soaker bath. Our accessories are very affordable because we give them to you at cost. We want you to get a good soaking, not your pocketbook. Many of our customers have gone with our standard hydrotherapy model after seeing the few hundred dollars difference for the features.

Q. Do I have to use your installer, or can I use my own installer?

A. No. We will provide you pricing installed or uninstalled. Every one of our product line comes with instructions on how to install it.

Q. Is my warranty affected if I don't use your installer?

A. No. You need to make sure your walk in bath functions properly and holds water without leaking. If your walk in bath works and holds water, your manufacturer's warranty is valid.

Q. Are walk-in tubs tax deductible?

A. I would consult with your CPA or check your tax laws. However, many customers have told us they went to their doctor and got him/her to write a prescription for a walk in tub. This is for their mobility or medical concerns. This makes it a medical tub which then became tax deductible.

Q. How long does a complete installation usually take before I can begin use?

A. Our certified factory installers are trained very well. In most instances, we can have your custom tub installed in one day. If you have a complicated install, it might take a half day longer.

Q. What color choices do you have available?

A. Our standard colors are cream and white. You can get a custom color for an additional charge. Our walk-in bathtubs also give you an option of a plain front or a diamond panel front at no charge. Examples of this can be found on our Gallery page. Take some time and look them over. Call if you have further questions.

Q. How long does it take for your bathtub to drain?

A. Our standard tub holds 47 gallons of water with no one in it. When you subtract gallons for the space a person occupies, that generally takes off 7-10 gallons. Our Flow Drain system is standard on all walk in tubs, and will empty in 2.5 minutes or less.

Q. What is hydrotherapy?

A. Hydrotherapy is the use of our strategically placed 18 air jets in conjunction with our 10 methodically placed water jets in each of our hydrotherapy walk in tubs. When used together, this provides both comforting and healing benefits. You can read an extensive description about the many benefits of hydrotherapy on our Benefits page.
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