Hydro Jet Walk-In Tub Co.
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The treatment of physical disability, injury or illness by immersion of all or part of the body in the water to facilitate movement, promote wound healing, relieve pain and so much more.


Our hydro bath has a remarkable and almost magical ability to improve circulation. Your blood flow takes oxygen and nourishment to all you cells and tissues. When working correctly, this forms the basis of a healthy life. Good circulation also brings the benefit of good lymph drainage which helps to clear the body of toxins.

Pain Relief

Hydrotherapy is proven to be a highly effective form of natural therapy which works by stimulating the endorphins which in turn helps you to control pain and alleviate tension. The hydro bath works by releasing millions of large bubbles, which relaxes your muscular tension and helps to reduce swollen joints giving you increased mobility and more importantly lessens your pain. The hydro bath also releases very fine bubbles, this has a soothing tranquil effect on your body which helps relieve your stress and tension.


Hydrotherapy can provide you with vital key to breaking the stress cycle of everyday modern life. In todays busy world you can be prone to stress related illnesses which can cause a wide range of physical and psychological problems. For example, high-blood pressure, headaches, digestive complaints, insomnia, depression, anxiety attacks, the list is endless. Unfortunately, stress not only affects the mind but more importantly your immune system.