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Beneficial Walk-In Tubs in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

Walk-in tubs produced by Hydro Jet Walk-In Tub Co. come equipped with a number of features that improve relaxation and provide noticeable health benefits to tub users. We provide our therapeutic safety tubs to customers in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX and the
entire U.S.

Here are just a few of the potential health benefits associated with the hydrotherapy effects of our walk-in bathtubs:

Stress Relief

Hydrotherapy may prove to be a natural remedy to relieve stress and physical conditions associated with high stress levels.


Our tubs come equipped with therapeutic water and air jets and a report from the New England Journal of Medicine showed a 13% drop in blood sugar levels resulting from hydrotherapy in those who have type two diabetes.


Hydrotherapy may promote increased functioning of the blood vessels, leading to increased blood-flow to damaged body tissue and the repairing of decompressed cartilage.

Sleeping Problems

Worldwide studies conclude just twenty minutes spent in a walk-in tub an hour before going to bed, puts the body in a natural state of relaxation in preparation for a good night's sleep.

Cardiovascular Health

Hydrotherapy may improve heart health in a similar fashion to the benefits provided by exercise, such as lowered blood pressure.
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